Community Development

Red 5 has strong support from its local communities, local government and the Western Australia state government. Management continually engage with its key stakeholders, and has secured strong support for the development of the new King of the Hills Gold Mine.

Our CORRE Values emphasise the importance of Respect, whereby we trust and empower each other, and show respect to country and our stakeholders.

In Western Australia, some of the community programs that Red 5 supports include:

Leonora District High School Indigenous Hip Hop Program

Red 5 made a donation to support Leonora District High School (LDHS) to maintain the Indigenous Hip Hop Program (IHHP) to work with the children of Leonora to make a music video in 2019.  The video is titled ‘We Are All People’ and you can watch it below.

The purpose of the IHHP initiative by LDHS is to engage and encourage school attendance by children of the Aboriginal community of Leonora in a way that embraces their culture and promotes a positive message amongst the local children and community as a whole. 

Leonora District High School INDIGI HACK Sponsorship

Red 5 made a donation to support students of LDHS to attend the 2019 INDIGI HACK coding event in Sydney.

Through INDIGI HACK, young people aged 8-18 from across Australia and New Zealand have the opportunity to compete to develop new app-based technology that aims to revitalise and retain Indigenous languages.

The INDIGI HACK program is designed to:

  • Deliver an app and/or game that supports the revitalisation on Indigenous language and culture.
  • Incubate and implement the most promising prototypes.
  • Create a global hub to mobilise and connect Indigenous youth to share and connect.
  • Increase the pride and participation of Indigenous languages.
  • Deliver a pipeline of opportunity that will enable Indigenous youth to merge culture and language with technology and science.

The team from LDHS won the Bula Prize (second prize) at the 2019 INDIGI HACK, and we would like to congratulate the students for their incredible effort!

Leonora Golden Gift

In 2019, Red 5 employees attended and entered teams in the Leonora Golden Gift, a fantastic community event that includes running races, art displays, music and markets.


Pastoral Station Support

Red 5 supports local pastoralists surrounding our Eastern Goldfields operations, providing access to emergency medical facilities at the remote Darlot Gold Mine and providing emergency response and rescue capabilities, responding to calls for emergency assistance from the local community and working with local police to keep pastoralists, prospectors and tourists safe.

Red 5 also donates used drill steels to the local pastoral stations which are useful in the construction of station infrastructures such as yards, gate posts and fencing.